Verkündigung durch das Radio


  • Gabriele Cakl


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Verkündigung versucht den christlichen Glauben, die ,Frohe Botschaft' hörbar werden zu lassen. Schon aus diesem hörbaren Grund kooperieren beide miteinander. Anhand der Kooperation zwischen christlicher Glaubensverkündigung und dem Massenmedium Radio soll im folgenden die gegenwärtige christliche Verkündigung und ihre Medienpräsenz diskutiert werden. (...)



Prodarnation of faith by radio.

Radio and Christian preaching of the Good News aim at the ear of men and women. Alone by reason of common hearing, there is a coo.Peration. In this article, present Christian preaching and its presence in media JS reflected. The reflections are based on a clear definition of Christian preaching. As consequence of the monoloque-structure of radio, radio-preaching can oruy be of addressing character to the listeners. Preaching, however, is aiming at an ,inner dialogue' with the listeners. In this context, several components are listed: 1. helpful or hampering influences of the medium on preaching; 2. credible language which makes faith transparant; 3. up-to-date contents of the Good News. Via radio spreading of the Good News in todays' language for everydays' life is possible. To expect full proclamation of faith via radio as the single contact to tlie Church, would be overtaxing radio.




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