Conclusions of the World Congress of Catholic Television


  • Pontifical Council for Social Communications


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"The rapid development of technology in the area of the media is surely one of the signs of progress in today's society" (The Rapid Development, 1). This development poses a constant challenge for us.

We, the representatives of Catholic television from 48 countries around the world, participated in the World Congress of Catholic Television in order to learn from each other's experience and to initiate new types of cooperation with respect for the very diverse work already being done in this field and the challenges each faces.

The importance of this work was expressed by Pope John Paul II in The Rapid Development (5): "The communication between God and humanity has thus reached its perfection in the Word made flesh. (...) In light of so decisive and definitive a communication, the media provide a providential opportunity to reach people everywhere, overcoming barriers of time, of space and of language; presenting the content of faith in the most varied ways imaginable; and offering to all who search the possibility of entering into dialogue with the mystery of God, revealed fully in Christ Jesus." (...)






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