Folks-media and the new era of evangelization: The lgbo perspective


  • Jerome lkechukwu Okonkwo


Medien, Kirchenmedien, Kirche, evangelische Kirche, Gospel, Massenkommunikation,


Since the "Second Vatican Council", the issues of the media in the process of evangelization have been of paramount concem. The church all over the world has been called upon to consider the processes of the media of information and communication, within the reach of their locations, as serious chances for the spread of the gospel message as well as possible dangers and or impediments to the same process. Mass communication as a phenomenon of our time, has reached such Ievels of complication. Pope John Paul II., in bis "Redemptoris Missio'',l (cf. "Centesimus Annus"),2 expresses this Ievel of mass media complication in the world of today as the first "Areopagus" of our time. The reasons for this "Areopagus Syndrome" is the after-effects of the "Global Viilage Syndrome" whose import is the break-through of all possible boundaries in time and space. (...)




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